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Payment Processing Services

Whether you are a new business looking to set up debit and credit card processing, or are trying to save money by reducing your existing costs, we can help. At Lucid Payments we are committed to serving you by finding ways to cut your payment processing fees, or to help you make the best possible decisions when establishing a new payment processing account.

Understanding the payment processing account industry can be confusing and intimidating to small business owners. Some payment processing companies take advantage of that confusion, leaving customers with hidden processing fees and complicated contracts. Our job is to educate you so that you can make the most informed and cost-effective choices for your particular business needs. Choosing an account service provider is an important business decision and we want to provide you with the tools to make the right one. We will work with you to achieve your goal of having the best payment processing solution for your business model, at the lowest possible account rates.

  • All fees will be upfront and clearly explained. No hidden fees!
  • We will give you competitive discounts whenever possible.
    • The fastest possible turnaround.
      • No-obligation estimates.
        • Personalized customer service and attention, including unlimited telephone and e-mail communication.

It is more important to us to have satisfied, informed customers than to make quick money on people's lack of knowledge. We don't want you to regret your decisions in the short or the long-term.

Let us find the right processing solutions for your Canadian business, at the best possible price.

That is our promise to you from Lucid Payments!

Consumers Today More Than Ever Want Local

When a major Canadian restaurant switched their supplier to a supplier outside our country, it outraged the Canadian public, and created a boycott of the business. A decision like this draws attention to a bigger underlying issue, such as the jobs created by local products. Canadian consumers valued Canadian ownership as “most Important” or “important” when looking for products and services, over 50 percent were actively seeking Canadian-made products, and the same percent preferred to buy from companies in their province or city.

Every $100 that is spent at a local Canadian business, $46 of that is recirculated back into the local economy.

100% Canadian owned.

Our Services

Countertop Point-of-Sale Terminals

The next generation point-of-sale terminal featuring the latest technology, security and a sleek design.

Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminal

• Accept all forms of electronic payments including: MSR, EMV, NFC.


Wireless Bluetooth Terminals

• Compact, elegant design and intuitive customer interface.

About us

We provide you with payment processing solutions tailored to your specific business needs and guaranteed to reduce your day to day operations expenses.

Accept all major debit and credit cards at fraction of the cost.

Access your transaction reports online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can provide multiple terminal configurations, including countertop, wireless payment systems, optimized to your specific business needs.

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